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Forest, 4 AM

Roles: editor, editing on set, making-of Length: 97” Director: Jan Jakub Kolski Language: polish  
Forst is a wealthy, well-organized man. When we get to know him, he seems the king of life. One day he abandons the corporation in which he is the vice president. The devastation he leaves behind does not give hope for a return. Forest, 4 am a few years later. The forestry grandfather half-savored, overgrown, dirty, in rags, he puts on snares for animals. We recognize: it is the same man – Forst. He lives in a forest, in a dug-out he built. For the company he has a three legged dog. It feeds on hunted game meat, lives in harmony with nature. One day in front of the door stands 13-year-old Jadzia. Forst must change his life once again …