Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Commercial

A three part series about photography shot entirely in Iceland. Practical course about how to make great photographs using what you have in your pocket!

A series of 3 videos
Production: Tofu Media


  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Editing


The most challenging project ever

Creating this series was my biggest challenge to this day. I was hired to create script, shoot, direct and edit a three part series for Samsung Poland about photographing with a smartphone.

Client didn’t provide any specific guidelines, so we were free to decide about form and content of the videos. I decided to focus on three main topics for them. Composition, light, and advanced techniques.

All the videos were created with a total amateur in mind. That’s why some of the advices could sound very basic for more advanced photographers.

The biggest challenge was the fact, that in the beginning I was supposed to have 9 shooting days. The plan was to have an amazing road trip around the beautiful Iceland with a story of the adventure being a canvas for the photography tutorials. However, because of series of unexpected events we were left with… 1 shooting day!

I had to adapt the script to the situation, although I was still obliged to provide three videos to the client. That’s why I decided that we go to only a single, but amazing place – Myvatn Area! It’s a very beautiful place in north part of Iceland where you can see so much of natural beauty – waterfalls, caves, glaciers, volcanos. All of it in an hour distance from itself.

A year before I spent a month traveling and researching the Iceland, especially not touristy, north part of it. My knowledge about the region was really invaluable because of crazy timetable we had.

We used Grotagja as a great example for using natural light shapes in photography. Yes, the place where Jon Snow from Game of Thrones… You know. Sulfur gas fields were great for telling about composition, Akureyri (second biggest city in Iceland) was a great background for showing street photography, and night spent in Reykjavik helped us to show what can you photograph in the night. We got so lucky that on our last day we could experience aurora borealis and photograph it with our Galaxy S8.

We also stopped in many unnamed places on the way. It was amazing adventure which I regret couldn’t last as long as we planned, but I think the result is still amazing.

I must add that besides the 3 part course we were also hired to make daily videos for Chris’s YouTube channel, which took us so valuable time.

Anyway, I learned so much on this job. Planning is the key in these stressful situations, also huge thanks to Arkadiusz Dworak for helping us out, this guy is amazing person and Iceland specialist.