Forest, 4 AM

Jan Jakub Kolski’s feature film adaptation of his own book with the same name. Forest, a rich businessman leave his life to become a forest beggar.

Festivals & Awards

International Shanghai Film Festival 2016 – Golden Goblet Award Nominee


  • editor
  • assistant editor
  • on-set editor
  • data wrangling


Feature film, 96′, 2015

Production: Centrala Film, Wytwórnia Filmowa Popielawy

I started working in this project as the on-set editor. I organized dailies, edited them and prepared backups. Later I also edited daily making of’s. When shooting finished I prepared all the media for editing. We had 24 days of 4K material from two cameras. I decided to work on Avid Media Composer with ProRes Proxy files for a stable workflow. Later I synced the material using Plural Eyes as well as some manual fine adjustments.

Editing process lasted for 3 months. As director was a producer as well we had all the creative freedom we could dream of.