In 2018 I graduated from well renown Polish National Filmschool in Lodz with Masters of Arts in Directing, film editing.

During my studies I have made numerous short films, documentaries as well as feature films. I worked  as an editor with the most awarded polish movie director Jan Jakub Kolski on his two movies – “Forest, 4 AM” and “Pardon”. “Pardon” has been nominated and won three awards on the most prestigious polish film festival in Gdynia in 2018.

I run a documentary YouTube channel focusing on travelling and social issues.

Since 2015 I have worked with most influential polish Youtube influencer Krzysztof Gonciarz. Together we created many social media videos.

Since 2017 I am a Creative Director in Tofu Media Poland, where I direct the creative process of creating videos for companies.

Selected filmography:


PARDON | Feature film | editing, Co-producer


MANTYKORA | short film | co-writer, co-director
A NEW TOMORROW | short film | color correction
BLACK MIRROR | short film | screenplay, director, Acting Cast, color correction
NEIGHBORS | short film | Screenplay, editing, assistant director
PASSENGER SPACE PROBE | short film | editing


Forest, 4 AM | Feature film | editing, making of, editing on the set
VODKA AND CIGARETTES | short film | editing


A TO FELER | short film | Editing, Acting cast (Corn 2)
APOCALYPSE | short film | Assistant editor
EXIT | short film | editing
HIKING TRIP | short film | Color correction
PILGRIM | Documentary | editing
PUNKU YATRAY | short film | Color correction
DARE | short film | editing


IT USED TO BE A KING | short film | editing
TOMORROW | short film | Sound on the set
MASTERPIECE | short film | editing
MY 89 GENERATION | Documentary | Cinematography
SZWALNIA | short film | editing, Sound production
BACKWARDS | Feature film – short | Sound


I AM WAITING | short film | Sound on the set
BLADE | short film | Screenplay, Direction, Sound, Montage
NILS | short film | Color correction